Complex offer of the group of companies "Frosta"

The group of companies «Frosta»has been successfully working with the largest industrial enterprises for more than 10 years. We take upon ourselves the decision of those tasks that are not related to the main activity of the Customer, but they are necessary for its full functioning and development.

The main direction of our company's activity is a comprehensive service of non-core activities for the Customer, which allows customers to focus on their core business and obtain significant optimization of their own management resources.

Infrastructure management

    • Reception and service of visitors (reception desk, Call-center).
    • Providing negotiations, conferences and event-events (conference service).
    • Service of coffee-points and mini-kitchens (coffee-lady).
    • Acceptance and processing of correspondence.
    • Booking of hotels, restaurants, tickets, taxi order, bouquets, etc. (concierge service).
    • Representing the interests of the client in control and supervisory bodies and instances.
    • Services for organization of relocation of offices "on a turn-key basis".
    • Collection, sorting, removal and disposal of solid waste, KGM, snow.
    • Landscaping and phytodesign.
    • Replacement of carpets and removable coatings.
    • Industrial alpinism
    • Dry cleaning of carpet and furniture.
    • Cleaning roofs from snow and ice.
    • Crystallization and polishing of marble and granite.
    • Treatment of floor coverings.
    • Cleaning and dry cleaning of vehicles.
    • Organization of access control, security and safety of personnel, tenants and visitors.
    • Ensuring the security of the building, property and tangible assets.
    • Fulfillment of fire safety and sanitary-epidemiological standards.
    • Encashment and escort of valuable cargo.
    • Console maintenance.
    • Management of transport logistics
    • Parking service.
    • Shuttle bus delivery
    • Fleet Management.
    • Loaders and riggers.
    • Pallet Packers
    • Drivers of loaders and cars.
    • Cleaners of premises.
    • Janitors
    • Operators of steamshops.

Commercial Property Management

  • Service of operation of engineering systems
  • Waste Management Service
  • Reception, security and parking services
  • Mutual relations with suppliers of public services and communication services
  • Relations with tenants
  • Accounting and legal services
  • Brokerage service
  • Marketing services

The operation and maintenance of engineering systems

  • Power supply systems
  • Low-current system
  • Systems of water supply, heating and sewerage
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Fire safety systems
  • Integrated Security Systems
  • Elevators and escalators

On the territory of each company working with us, a manager is assigned, which monitors the fulfillment of all requirements for the performance of work.

The advantages of working with us

  • Integrated approach to management
  • Essential reduction of expenses for the maintenance of the working personnel.
  • Significant reduction of waste disposal costs (up to 40%) by careful sorting and pressing by our employees, incl. Tetra Pak, stretch films, paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.
  • We are ready to keep a group of workers (4-10 people) at your company around the clock
  • Reduction of taxable profit due to mutual settlements between our enterprises.
  • Willingness to provide services around the clock.

We are ready to provide, on an ongoing basis, year-round and round-the-clock services for integrated services to businesses, as well as to take away all packaging that has come out of production and wastes.Services are organized by their own staff or with the involvement of proven subcontractors. «Frosta» thoroughly monitors the quality of the work performed and has a warranty liability to the client.

Office and administrative buildings, shopping and multifunctional centers, warehousing and logistics complexes, industrial facilities located in both private and municipal property are our target objects.

Business hours

We work 12 hours a day

Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 17:00

Sat-Sun:Warehouses work only

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